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Butler Manufacturing

The amazing style, versatility, and affordability of Butler® buildings make them the logical choice for various commercial facilities. Whether you’re looking for a simple building solution, a retrofit roof, or a multiple-building complex, Butler buildings offers a fast, affordable, architecturally appealing, and environmentally friendly solution with many significant advantages.

The benefits of using a Butler building system are numerous, and so are the advantages of working with TBT Construction Services, Inc. as your turnkey provider of building construction.

TBT Construction Services, Inc.

Is Your Local Butler Builder

At TBT Construction Services, Inc., we are proud to be your local Butler Builder representing the world’s leading producer of building solutions—Butler Manufacturing™. We are your experienced local construction partner, from conceptual design to final landscaping, no matter what type of facility you are trying to build.

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Our Services



Budgeting and expert Butler building design consultation.



Preconstruction services.


Construction Management

Complete construction management services, from permitting to punch out.

With over a dozen successful building projects under our belt, TBT Construction Services, Inc. brings together local construction knowledge with a world-class building solutions company. Our commitment is to provide every customer with an exceptional experience for their construction project.

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Butler Is the World’s Leading Producer of

Steel Building Systems

Butler has more than 100 years of experience and is the world’s leading producer of building systems solutions. Ideal for religious, manufacturing, athletic, and community facilities, Butler building and roof systems offer superior performance, aesthetically pleasing design options, and proven sustainability attributes.

Butler® Buildings

Building Solutions from Butler 

For over 120 years, the name Butler® has been synonymous with building innovation for commercial construction.  Butler offers virtually unlimited options for a steel building’s appearance and functionality. The versatility of a Butler building makes it ideal for a variety of end uses in the commercial, industrial and community markets. 

TBT Construction takes pride in being a Butler Builder®, supplying Butler steel buildings to the industrial, commercial, and institutional markets in Ohio.

By providing our clients with endless customization options for their metal buildings with state-of-the-art building solutions from Butler Manufacturing™, we deliver unmatched building quality and lifetime savings.

Want to know ALL the ways you would benefit from a Butler steel building? Let’s dig in:

the logistx building system from butler

New From Butler:

LogistX®, a big-box solution for your warehouse and distribution needs.  An investment-quality building featuring tilt-up walls, diaphragm structural deck, and a TPO membrane roof.

Note: LogistX® may be unavailable in certain markets.

Contact us for a consultation. 

Speed and Efficiency with building systems

Pre-engineered steel building systems from Butler are widely regarded as the most efficient and effective construction method in the low-rise construction marketplace.  Choosing a design-build construction approach can add to the savings.   

Design - Driven Construction

Conventional or hybrid building designs come in any shape or size to meet the demands for any project. Your entire project can be designed, engineered, and manufactured by Butler to provide unlimited flexibility to fit your design needs.

Sustainable Steel

Steel is one of the most sustainable construction methods available for large metal buildings in a variety of markets.  Your steel building will be built using recycled steel, which can be recycled again at the end of its useful life.

Eliminate Roof Issues

The MR-24® Roof System is the most specified standing-seam roof system on the market, with more than 2 billion square feet installed worldwide.  The durable yet flexible MR-24® roof system has unique design features that together accommodate roof movement under temperature fluctuations. This mobility prevents stress at the clips, fasteners, and panel splice that could otherwise make the building vulnerable to leaks and wind damage. 

Save Energy

Reduce your total cost of ownership with tested assemblies from Butler.  Butler’s “Guarded Hot Box” provides in-place performance of U-Factors for roof, wall, and insulation system assemblies.  You can easily build Com-Check reports to meet the most stringent energy codes.

Performance. Protection. Possibilities

Butler roofing and re-roofing systems provide a complete solution to meet the most critical concerns of architects, builders, and building owners.  Our Retrofit Roof systems provide metal-over-metal or slope build-up options that are fully engineered to meet the requirements of the most stringent performance standards, while minimizing disruption to your facility’s daily operations.

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How to Keep Your Lifetime Costs Low

Studies have shown that only 10% of a building’s lifetime cost is in the initial construction budget. 90% of the total cost of building ownership is in the operating budget to pay for lighting, heating, cooling, and maintenance. Considering the impact of operating costs in the pre-construction stage allows you to focus on the total building operating cost.

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